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Renewed bombings and blockades intensify Gaza's humanitarian plight. Essential resources are scarce, homes destroyed, and basic survival is at risk. The resilience of Gaza's people is tested amidst these escalating challenges.

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Stand against Oppression in Palestine Urgent Humanitarian Relief is Needed and Immediate Aid and Unwavering Compassion


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Bonyan is a registered charity in the USA and globally, broadening the impact of your support. 

The conflict's toll is profound: families displaced, medical facilities overwhelmed, and surgeries performed without anesthesia due to supply shortages. The most vulnerable suffer the greatest, facing unimaginable hardships daily.

Your immediate support provides critical relief—food, water, and medical aid—to those in Gaza. Contributions go beyond emergency help, fostering recovery and hope. Act now; your generosity is a lifeline for those in desperate need.

Your support at this moment is more crucial than ever. By taking action today, you can provide immediate relief and hope to those suffering in Gaza. Together, let's make a meaningful difference in their lives. Stand with us, stand with Gaza.

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